Replant the planet, one note at a time

Take notes, plan your day, and journal like a wild thing.

As one of Australia’s first sustainable notebook and journal brands, Notely have helped over ten thousand people get organised and get the most out of their day, without having to cut down trees to make virgin tree pulp.

Start each day with clarity and mindfulness, safe in the knowledge that all our products use post-consumer and commercial waste, including FSC-certified recycled paper and card stock made from discarded coffee cups!

Let’s replant the planet, one note at a time! 

We are more dedicated than ever to reforesting the Earth.

Our mission is to provide you with the means to take notes and chronicle your life without negatively impacting the world’s forests.

At Notely, we are deeply mindful of the planet in every decision we make.

Since our inception, our objective has been to offer locally made notebooks crafted from recycled paper as an eco-friendly alternative to mass-produced options. While we understand that achieving perfection in sustainability is nearly impossible for a product-based company like ours, we continuously strive to improve and keep our customers informed.

Here is what we currently do:

Exclusively use recycled or FSC-certified paper:

All our notebooks are printed on FSC-certified paper using environmentally friendly printing methods. The interior pages are made from 100% post-consumer waste, with no use of virgin paper fibers. Our paper is carbon neutral and produced through a chlorine-free process. Additionally, we have a range of notebook covers and cards made from recycled coffee cups, diverting this common waste from landfills and transforming it into something beautiful. All our products are printed using vegetable-based inks, which are sourced from renewable resources and eliminate the need for harmful solvents during the printing process.

Utilize minimal, plastic-free packaging:

We are passionate about providing a plastic-free experience with Notely. Our packaging includes recycled paper bands and tags, along with 100% compostable postage bags. We have minimized packaging wherever possible to ensure our products generate minimal waste. We believe our exquisite eco range speaks for itself and does not require shiny plastic wrapping to entice customers to pick it up from the shelf.

Employ carbon-neutral shipping:

When you make a purchase from us, your package will be delivered via Sendle, Australia’s first 100% carbon-neutral delivery service. As a certified B Corp, Sendle offsets its carbon emissions, a significant contributor to climate change, through a partnership with South Pole. This partnership enables them to support various sustainability projects, including the restoration of endangered rainforest habitats and the provision of clean water access for African communities.