Cape Byron Distillery

Cape Byron Distillery

Our Distillery & the Art of Distillation

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of distillation at Cape Byron Distillery, where we honor time-honored traditions while crafting spirits that embody the unique terroir of the Northern Rivers, encompassing the greater Byron Bay region. Our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and community drives us to create a new chapter in the story of Australian distilleries.

Regeneration & Our Rainforest: A Breathtaking Transformation

In 1988, Pam and Martin Brook embarked on a mission to restore a neglected dairy farm, planting over 35,000 subtropical rainforest trees, so as to become one of Australias spotlight ethical businesses. Today, this once-depleted land has blossomed into a vibrant sanctuary for birds and wildlife. Within our rainforest, you’ll discover a treasure trove of botanicals, with 17 of the 25 used in our signature Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin sourced locally.

Discover the Richness of Botanicals

Nestled within the lush subtropical rainforest of the Northern Rivers, our distillery enjoys access to a remarkable array of unique edible native species and botanicals. From the vibrant blooms and native raspberries of spring to the harvest of our native Jerseyana variety of Davisonia Plum for our Slow Gin, every season brings a new tapestry of flavors. Delight in the perennial notes of our native ginger, cinnamon, and aniseed myrtle, ensuring an unrivaled sensory experience.

Preserving the Big Scrub: A Noble Cause

Over 20 million years ago, a volcanic eruption near Mt Warning in Northern NSW gave birth to the majestic Big Scrub, the largest subtropical rainforest in Australia. Sadly, within a decade of European settlement, this magnificent ecosystem was decimated, with only 1% remaining today. Located at the heart of the Big Scrub, Cape Byron Distillery proudly supports the Big Scrub Landcare (BSL) group, dedicated to preserving the remaining rainforest and inspiring other landowners to plant subtropical trees. Our co-founder, Martin Brook (Brookie), serves as the Vice President of BSL, furthering our commitment to this noble mission.

Embrace the Cape Byron Distillery experience, where tradition intertwines with sustainable practices, and every sip tells a story of conservation and flavor.