Apiwraps Beeswax Wraps: A Journey of Sustainability

Discover the Originators

Apiwraps emerged from the necessity Freyja Tasci encountered when she couldn’t find a suitable solution anywhere. Little did she know that countless other households were facing the same predicament. It’s truly exhilarating to witness the positive impact being made in homes across Australia. Together, we are all becoming #ZeroWasteHeroes.

Join the Movement: 10 Years of Apiwraps Evolution

Our humble beginnings trace back to a small kitchen in Bangalow, NSW, where we tirelessly worked after putting our little ones to bed. We tested ideas and sold our products at the lively markets of Byron Bay. As demand grew, we relocated to Maitland, employing a dedicated team that expanded day by day. Outgrowing our original workspace, we set up shop in an antique store temporarily, until we built custom machines and moved into a proper warehouse, complete with a forklift. Along the way, we formed an incredible team that kept the business thriving while Freyja embarked on a new chapter in Adelaide, where love and family merged. Even amidst the challenges of the pandemic, we overcame by relocating to a spacious shed on a beautiful property, assembling an amazing team of women to support us during the transition. Rising from the ashes of Covid, we now proudly operate from a state-of-the-art warehouse in Modbury, South Australia, embracing a fresh start!

A Decade United by a Vision

Throughout the past 10 years, our unwavering focus has remained consistent: a remarkable product. We envision a future where cling wrap is replaced in every kitchen, and together with a growing community of zero waste heroes, we are leading the change.

Freyja Tasci and Apiwraps Beeswax Wraps: A Journey Rooted in $200

Although you now find our products stocked in major retailers like ALDI, Apiwraps remains a mama business start-up at heart. It all began with a dream of being present for our little ones during their formative years. Armed with just an idea and $200 borrowed from the household budget, we fearlessly invested in fabric from Spotlight and a bucket of unfiltered beeswax sourced from a local beekeeper.

Empowering Small Businesses

When you choose Apiwraps, you not only support us but also a family beekeeping business in NSW that supplies all our wax. Additionally, we collaborate with one of Australia’s last standing textile manufacturers and foster an ecosystem of local artists, designers, administrative professionals, and diligent Apiwrappers who work passionately in our shed.

Embrace the Apiwraps Experience

In all the years we’ve spent engaging with customers at markets, we’ve never encountered someone who genuinely enjoys using cling wrap. It consistently ranks among people’s least favorite things. When they discover our Australian-made alternative—reusable, beautiful, and easy to use—it becomes an effortless switch that leaves them feeling fulfilled. There’s something remarkably authentic about the earthy, tactile texture of Apiwraps, evoking a connection to how our great grandparents preserved their most treasured possessions. Amidst a world of cheap and disposable items, Apiwraps embody integrity by securely enveloping and preserving your food. Our exquisite designs, created by talented artists, add the perfect finishing touch.

Apiwraps: More Than Just a Product

Apiwraps transcend being mass-produced, plastic items churned out by factories. They embody living, breathing companions that safeguard your fresh food. By keeping your vegetables crisp and sandwiches fresh, they rescue your leftovers from fridge-limp sadness in your busy household—time and time again.

Meet Freyja Tasci: Founder and Chief Apiwrapper

As the founder and Chief Apiwrapper, I’m constantly brimming with a million ideas per minute, constantly enticed by new opportunities. It’s nothing short of a miracle that Apiwraps has persevered throughout the years. Our journey represents just the initial step towards a wholesome and delightful future I intend to bring to fruition. Despite growing up on the Australian East Coast, my funny accent matches my unusual name, an amalgamation of a long and exciting chapter spent living abroad and having free-spirited parents. While travel and adventure are awe-inspiring, the tune of nostalgia beckoned after my children joined us, leading us to carry numerous suitcases through Sydney airport as we returned home. Back in Australia, I resumed my abandoned university studies, finding solace in literature and philosophy. Little did I know that this academic pursuit would serve a purpose beyond captivating dinner-party conversations. As I delved into poetry, I discovered the tradition of preserving precious belongings wrapped in oilskin, cotton drenched in beeswax. The idea buzzed within me until I scoured the market for a similar solution to wrap my celery. Failing to find one, I took it upon myself to create it.

Starting a business has presented countless opportunities for growth, often thrusting me into uncharted waters where I learn to swim every day. Yet, it remains the most fulfilling endeavor, second only to raising my two beloved children. Amidst the whirlwind, I find time to share my love for literature and philosophy by penning a heartfelt monthly letter to our heroes as part of our subscription mail-out.

Apiwraps: A Mission to Touch Every Home

We understand that an Australian-made product crafted with premium materials may carry a higher price tag. However, our ultimate goal is to reach every household, bringing the benefits of Apiwraps to all.