Hello, we are Matilda and Sarah

Our motivation for creating Myoni stems from our desire to promote ethical and high-quality approaches to menstrual support. We envision a world where menstrual cycles are not merely tolerated but celebrated, where period poverty is eradicated, and where sustainable solutions are readily available, accompanied by full transparency regarding their origins.

We understand that discussing periods may not be everyone’s favorite topic. Whether you’re actively tracking your cycle or not, we welcome you and acknowledge that each person’s experience is entirely unique and important.

Are you tired of constantly purchasing disposable products and yearn for a worry-free experience without the need to think about restocking or being caught unprepared?

Does it trouble you to contribute to landfill waste and spend significant amounts of money on disposable items, prompting a desire for a sustainable alternative that will ultimately save you in the long run?

Perhaps you have already transitioned to using menstrual cups and wish to support locally made products while also making a positive impact through your purchase?

During your menstrual cycle, you deserve to save time, money, and reduce waste. With a focus on ethics, environmental sustainability, and genuine care, we have developed these offerings to bring convenience to that time of the month, catering to the best interests of your body.

“We believe in embracing our periods and that, with appropriate support, we can even develop a fondness for our cycles. We advocate for becoming experts in our own bodies. However, we recognize that acquiring all the necessary information can be challenging, and knowing where to start can be daunting. No one understands your body better than you do, and gaining a better understanding of your cycle is empowering. It takes practice to comprehend how your body behaves throughout the different stages of your cycle and the hormonal changes that occur. We understand that becoming familiar with your flow can be a confronting experience. We created the Myoni Cup to help you feel comfortable and confident during your period, enhance your awareness of your natural cycle and your yoni. Recognizing our unique normal is vital and empowers us to make informed decisions regarding our health, fertility, and body.” – The co-founders of Myoni, Matilda, Sarah, and Fiona

What do we mean by being a purpose-driven company?

As a purpose-driven company, we firmly believe that business can be conducted for the greater good, and we wholeheartedly support our products. We have dedicated time, resources, energy, and love to bring you the Myoni line of products, particularly our flagship product, the Myoni Cup. Ensuring every stage of production adheres to ethical practices and sustainability is of utmost importance to us.

We strive to combat period poverty by donating Myoni Cups to individuals in our community who are facing challenging circumstances, through our community partners.

Why Myoni Cup is exclusively Australian-made.

We believe that accountability is the foundation of ethical practices. By producing our products within Australia, we establish personal relationships with all parties involved. Together, we adhere to the stringent manufacturing laws of Australia to create a high-quality product under ethical conditions. Every component, from the Myoni Cup and Myoni Pads to the Clam Bag and beautiful packaging, is manufactured in Australia.

It is alarmingly easy to outsource production to anonymous companies that lack proper employment and environmental standards. Whenever possible, we establish personal connections with our suppliers and continuously work to strengthen the links within our supply chain, even when it poses challenges. Building strong relationships with local manufacturers, creators, and producers has been our priority, ensuring that every step of the production process is conducted ethically.

That’s why we proudly declare that Myoni is 100% Australian.

We stand by our products.

We go the extra mile to ensure that our products meet the highest standards. Myoni undergoes stringent quality assurance processes and is manufactured in Australian facilities. We firmly believe that menstrual cups should always be produced in clean factories alongside other health and medical devices, although not every product on the market adheres to this principle. The Myoni Cup is made from medical-grade materials, and the Myoni Pads are crafted using high-quality fabrics. Both products are manufactured under monitored conditions and undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure safety. This way, you can have complete confidence in Myoni as your reliable period support.

This is why we proudly stand behind our products and maintain transparency with you.

Why we invest in eco-friendly practices.

A menstrual cup offers a wonderful opportunity to reduce your environmental footprint, and Myoni takes this commitment further. At Myoni, we take great care to ensure that every aspect of our business minimizes harm to the environment. The Myoni Cup has been designed to be recyclable at the end of its lifespan, and the Myoni Pads are compostable after removing the thin liquid-proof layer and clasp. By choosing Myoni, you can significantly reduce waste during your periods. We utilize biodegradable, thoughtful packaging, prioritize recyclable materials, and actively seek low-impact alternatives whenever possible. We invest in practices that minimize our impact on this planet.

We are genuinely passionate about preserving our planet. Our dedication to eco-friendly practices is rooted in this simple yet profound reason, which guides us at every stage of product production.

We are here for you.

The most crucial aspect of this journey is you. The development of the Myoni Cup aims to ensure that your cycle is as safe, comfortable, and empowering as possible.

We firmly believe that practicing what we preach is what defines a responsible and ethical business.